Our values are the basis of everything we do at Encounter. They guide how we achieve our mission, how we make decisions, as well as everyday ministry plans.

Look To See Jesus Rightly



 Our primary duty as we gather is a priestly one. We do this by making it all about Jesus and ministering to the Heart of God first.


 God is still speaking today through both His “logos”, or written Word, and “rhema,” or spoken Word. We believe in the importance of preaching and teaching the Bible (logos) and making room for the Holy Spirit to speak individually and corporately (rhema). We believe that the living Word of God still changes lives today.


Prayer is a foundational priority and is at the core of who we are. We are a people of prayer that live a lifestyle of prayer because the primary mark of a true believer is that he ‘seeks God’ with all his heart. Prayer is the reflection of our dependence on Jesus.


 The Holy Spirit is God dwelling inside us. The Holy Spirit sanctifies and purifies the believer. He draws believers to God and empowers them because the manifestation of the Spirit is given to everyone.


Live To Become Like Jesus



We are called to holiness; to be set apart ones. The inward posture of an individual’s heart hosts the ability for the Holy Spirit to dwell within them because holiness affects our thoughts, attitudes, and actions when we seek to be holy as He is Holy.


We are called to live beyond Sunday morning services and to become passionate disciples of Jesus every single day. We believe discipleship is the primary method through which believers’ live life. You are a disciple and you are called to make disciples.


One of Jesus’ desires is that we become one with each other; unity. We believe in focusing on the thing that unites us, which is Jesus, and not the things that divide us. This does not mean uniformity, as we can not have unity without diversity.


We are created with eternity within us, to live with intention and expectation. As our hearts and spirits come close to hear God’s leading, the byproduct is a vibrant, attuned life, inspired by the purpose and call of God for our lives.

Love As He Loves Us



We were not made to do this alone. As Paul describes, we are a body and a body cannot function without the many parts. As a community built around the Presence of Jesus, we believe that WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER.


Jesus said he didn’t come to be served but instead to serve. The greatest among us will be those that become a servant of all. We are called to contribute toward God’s kingdom purposes in every sphere of life.


We are made to carry on the ministry of Jesus and further advance His kingdom by undoing the works of the enemy, preaching and living the good news of God’s love, and serving our community with acts of love, grace, and mercy.


We are called to make God known throughout the whole world, and into every arena of society. We believe that salvation of souls should result in transformation of societies, thus obeying Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations.

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